Osaruya |Area: Matsumoto Izakaya eat / drink / bar / osaruya / saru / monkey / matsumoto / okinawa / ダイニング酒場 おさるや /

Enjoy the "monkeys" and a cozy atmosphere!!

"Osaru" in Okinawa City's Matsumoto area is an izakaya that doesn't need any advertising. Their popularity has spread through word of mouth, and you'll always find regular patrons here.
You'll find monkey dolls decorated in various parts of the store.
There are counter seats as well as Japanese style floor seating. The warm lighting and moderate space seem to fill guests with a sense of comfort.
Whether you come in a large group or come alone, you can feel free to enjoy the "at-home" atmosphere of this izakaya.
How about relaxing with a delicious drink and food at Osaruya after putting in another hard day's work?

Shop information

Location 3-16-10 Matsumoto, Okinawa-shi
TEL 098-989-7362
OPEN 17:00-1:00
Closed: SUN


Available : 10 spaces

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Distance from this facility:about2.7 km
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Distance from this facility:about2.8 km
Chuo Park Avenu (#1)
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