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Enjoy Hokkaido and Okinawa cuisine at a food stand.

Yonesakaya is a small concession stall located in an alleyway off Gate 2 Street. Although not particularly beautiful in appearance, it is distinctly Asian in feeling and serves top-notch dishes. The owner of Yonesakaya is originally from Hokkaido, and his wife is Okinawan, allowing customers to enjoy both northern and southern home cooking in one sitting. Since they serve everything from Okinawan stir-fry favorites to Hokkaido ramen noodles, their menu is appreciated by locals and tourists alike. One of the recommended dishes from their large selection is an entrée featuring mackerel from Hokkaido: open-fried mackerel (¥1,200). The arrival of other delicious dishes and drinks at the table automatically sparks lively conversations among customers. Since many regular customers are quite friendly, Yonesakaya is a great place for tourists to get to know the locals. Because of this friendly and unique atmosphere, it’s easy to believe that there are tourists who come down to Okinawa just to visit Yonesakaya.

*Cash Only.
$1.00 = ¥100 (any change will be given in Yen)

Shop information

Postal code 904-0004
Location 1-10-7 Chuo, Okinawa-shi
TEL 090-1943-5012
OPEN 18:00-1:00
Closed on New Year's Day, Ukui, one day off for summer break.
Capacity 16 seats
Reference price Average cost per person: ¥2,000


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