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Tailor-made pizza for the Japanese palate, and enjoyable for everyone!

Topping and cheese right to the edge of the light and crispy pizza crust! The mild flavor, just right for Japanese folk, was created by the manager who went on a 13-country pizza-tasting spree in search of the true meaning of "pizza." His pizzas have become so popular he can't cook them quick enough. His cream cheese "Nan Mix Pizza" tastes great, even when cold.

Shop information

Postal code 904-0031
Location 1-1-1 Uechi, Okinawa-shi
TEL 098-932-8280
OPEN (SUN-THR) 11:30-21:30
(FRI, SAT) 11:30-23:00
Official Web Site https://pizza555.jimdo.com/


Available : Koza Music Town Parking Structure

Nearby parking areas

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Distance from this facility:about20 m
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Distance from this facility:about65 m


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