Miyazato Tofu Donut Shop Donut Shop eat / snack / donut / doughnut / miyazato / tofu / baked / healthy / takahara / koza / okinawa / 宮里豆腐ドーナツ店 / 高原本店 /

Healthy and declicious donuts!

Miyazato Tofu Donut Shop is located near the Takahara intersection on Route 329. Their donut signs and big blue robot standing outside the shop lets you know you're in the right place.

Donuts here are baked, so you can feel good about the extra calories you're cutting out.
Miyazato Tofu Donut Shop make their donuts with soy beans grown in Japan, their original soy milk, whole wheat flour, eggs, and other ingredients that are carefully selected to create the perfect treat your body will thank you for.
It goes without saying that the donuts are preservative free. They also pay special attention to the butter, sugar, and baking powder they use, so you can enjoy your snack with a peace of mind.

In addition to their seasonal menu, next to the shop is a Tofu factory where you can purchase authentic Kyushu tofu made by tofu craftsmen who trained in Nagasaki Prefecture.
How about some Miyazato Tofu Donuts as a special gift?

Shop information

Postal code 904-2171
Location 4-11-3 Takahara, Okianwa-shi
TEL 098-930-3160
OPEN 10:30-18:30
Closed: SUN & every third MON
Official Web Site https://www.tofu-donut.jp/


Available : 5 spaces

Nearby parking areas

Goya Pay Parking
Distance from this facility:about2.2 km
Times Goya 1-3
Distance from this facility:about2.4 km
Koza Coin Parking
Distance from this facility:about2.4 km

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