【Permanently Closed】 Ricard de Paris Ricard de Paris Misato Branch cake / chocolate / gift / Tamaki-farm / specialty / products / KOZACHOICE / リキャールドパリ / KOZACHOICE

Cakes made with Okinawa’s specialty products. Treats fit for adults!

【Permanently Closed】

Using EM (effective microorganism) milk from Okinawa’s Tamaki Farm and Sanko Eggs from Okinawa City, Ricard de Paris is particular about their ingredients and serving the freshest cakes possible. Their famous dome shaped cheesecake and “Ishidatami” (soft sponge cake coated with bitter chocolate) is highly recommended. The reserved sweetness makes for a more elegant taste while being delightfully affordable. If you’re in need of buying a gift or souvenir, you can’t go wrong shopping at Ricard de Paris!

Shop information

Postal code 904-2153
Location 2-25 Higashi, Okinawa City
TEL 098-963-6660
OPEN 9:00-21:00
*Open year round


Available : 5 spaces

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