Yuimaarujin Ramen yuimaaru-jin / ramen / anchovy / ramen / eat / Okinawa / ageda / koza / noodles / ゆいまーる人 /

It’s the real deal! Brought to you by an owner who trained at a famous ramen restaurant!

Expect to be met with the warm smiles of staff and their energetic welcoming calls as you walk through the door of Yuimaaru-jin. The scribbles and doodles covering the walls immediately jump into view and serves as a testimony to the child-friendly Yuimaaru-jin.
With such an affable atmosphere, you’ll be surprised with the no-nonsense genuine ramen they serve. As the story goes, the owner went on to study the art of ramen with the dream of someday opening a ramen restaurant of his own back home in Okinawa. He studied the taste of ramen at various well-established restaurants in Tokyo and trained at a famous restaurant, which led to him opening his own restaurant here and finally realizing his dream
The scent of their “Niboshi Ramen” (anchovy ramen) drifts throughout the store. The purchase of their luxury anchovies is only made possible through the trust built between the owner and those whose care he was in during his training years back in Tokyo. You’ll also definitely enjoy the big slice of pork and texture of the original, handmade noodles as they get entangled in the flavorful soup.
Their soup simmered for over 20 hours (with lots of love and care!) and the perfect blend of their original chili oil makes an exquisite harmony. Drink up all the soup for a happy surprise!

Shop information

Location 4-17-20 Ageda, Okinawa-shi
TEL 098-933-7129
OPEN 11:30-24 :00
Closed: irregular
Official Web Site https://ja-jp.facebook.com/yuimarujin/


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