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Feel like you’re out at sea! Enjoy fresh seafood in this unique atmosphere!

Opened in December 2012 on Okinawa City’s Awase Bay Street, Ikesuno Ginji will make you feel like you’re at sea in their unique atmosphere and has the reputation for its fresh seafood.
The first thing that stands out when you walk into Ikesuno Ginji is the unique interior design inspired by the ocean. The texture of the wooden seats and the unique way they are positioned puts customers at ease, while in the middle of the izakaya fresh fish, clams and prawns swim calmly in fish tanks.
Ikesuno Ginji is the most conceptualized izakayas compared to its other affiliates, and while popular for their fresh ingredients as they take full advantage of their fish tanks, many customers who’d like to enjoy a more mature atmosphere or go somewhere special to celebrate an anniversary come here.
The “sanchi chokuso eraberu goten okesakarizashi” (a self-selection sashimi platter) is highly recommended. You can select 5 different fish of your choice which will then be served to you as sashimi. You can easily see the price of each fish, so you can even choose to get a sashimi platter starting at just ¥500.
In addition, women can enjoy with their meals plum wine as well as apple, Italian blood orange, European pear, mango and many other fruit wines.
Come see what this popular izakaya is all about!

Shop information

Postal code 904-2172
Location 2-5-8 Awase, Okinawa-shi
TEL 098-923-1732
OPEN 18:00-26:00
Reference price Self-selection sashimi platter ¥500~; Plum or fruit wine (on the rocks or with soda) ¥480~; Self-selection sake tasting ¥380
Credit card JCB, VISA, AMEX, MASTER, UCカード


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