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You can enjoy Okinawan cuisine and seafood at this popular izakaya

This izakaya (Japanese-style bar), always crowded with locals, serves Okinawan cuisine using fresh seafood from Okinawa’s waters. Popular and original menu items include assorted sashimi (raw fish), spicy simmered pig’s feet, and shiso and Japanese plum noodle chanpuru (stir fry). In addition, the staff dares to challenge their more adventurous customers with unique entrées such as deep-fried frogs and grilled crocodile with sea urchin. Ordering these unusual items will definitely bring excitement to your mealtime! Wahaha also has two dinner plans: the Shabu-shabu Course and the Okinawan Cuisine Course. The former features Okinawan pork from “pineapple pigs” (pigs raised on pineapple) as shabu-shabu (a Japanese dish using thinly sliced meat parboiled in hot water). The latter course is highly appreciated by tourists as it brings together Okinawa’s favorite dishes, including chanpuru and rafute (braised pork belly). Wahaha also has the largest seating capacity of any izakaya in Okinawa City. They have relaxing and comfortable private dining areas and Japanese-style rooms that can cater to any occasion.

From this venue
We have fresh seasonal vegetables and seafood. Feel free to book parties with us!

Shop information

Postal code 904-0022
Location Okinawa-shi3-5-33 Sonda
TEL 098-932-3955
OPEN 17:00 - 2:00
Capacity 258 seats
Reference price Average cost per person: 2,000 yen
Credit card JCB, VISA, AMEX, MASTER, Diners Club, DCカード


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