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Okinawa soba restaurant, awamori bar and sanshin store all in one!

Selling sanshin (an Okinawan stringed musical instrument), serving Okinawa soba during lunch and awamori (Okinawan sake) at the bar at night, Icharibayaa has a number of faces. The soba noodles are all homemade, giving them a chewy texture. One of the popular lunchtime soba dishes is soki soba, noodles topped with tender, simmered pork rib. At night, customers can enjoy tebichi (boiled pig’s feet) and oden (a Japanese dish containing vegetables stewed in a light broth) along with awamori. On the wall hangs a row of sanshin that customers can play if the spirit moves them; beginners can have a short lesson at the restaurant, too. Icharibayaa also has kankara sanshin, a type of sanshin that was made during and post-World War II. Since Okinawans had no materials with which to make sanshin, they substituted empty tin cans for the body of the instrument. Through playing and listening to kankara sanshin, customers can get a glimpse into Okinawa’s unique history. Icharibayaa in addition sells bachi (picks), gen (strings) and other sanshin-related supplies, as well as sanba (Okinawan castanets), paranku (small drums) and odaiko (big drums). In fact, they carry the majority of Okinawan instruments. The bar hosts a small karaoke stage where jikata who come in as customers will start singing. Some customers may be lucky enough to hear local professional singers sing on this stage. Since Koza is known for its versatile entertainers, Icharibayaa is a great place to see them.

From this venue
Our motto is “Icharibachode,” an Okinawa phrase meaning “Although we’ve met just once, we’re brothers and sisters forever.” Please enjoy interacting with and meeting new people.

Shop information

Postal code 904-0004
Location Okinawa-shi 2-6-41 Chuo
OPEN Afternoon 11:00-15:00
Evening 19:00-24:00
Close on Sunday
Capacity 20 seats
Reference price Okinawa soba, 500 yen A stein of awamori, 500 yen Oden, from 80 yen Sanshin, from 15,000 yen


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