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A long-established restaurant known for their delicious hors d’oeuvres set.

Customers can enjoy the elegance of this 50-year-old, traditional, family-oriented restaurant. The restaurant has a retro interior design and furniture that creates a nostalgic and heartwarming atmosphere that is hard to find in other places these days. In particular, the faded old posters on the wall and the yellow/brown pillars create a rustic vibe. The restaurant’s assorted plate of hors d’oeuvres accompanied by the chef’s homemade sauce has a reputation for their quality and taste. The restaurant has two types of hors d’oeuvre sets, priced at ¥3,000 and ¥5,000 (must be ordered in advance). The hors d’oeuvres are popular among the senior residents of the island since Miyako Restaurant is working to reduce the amount of deep-frying and focuses on seasoning to please customers.
There are two types of seating available: comfortable Western-type seating with tables and chairs, and spacious Japanese-type tables with tatami mats where customers can stretch their legs. Seating can also be arranged so as to accommodate children and large groups. In addition Miyako Restaurant can host events and provide a buffet service.

Shop information

Postal code 904-0002
Location 3-10 Shiromaecho, Okinawa-shi
TEL 098-938-3815
OPEN 12:00-21:00
Closed: Sunday
Capacity 80
Reference price Lunch price range from ¥580 to ¥780; Hors d’oeuvres set (must be ordered in advance) ¥3,500/¥5,000


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