Palms |Area: Moromizato Bar Palms / palms / bar / cocktail / whiskey / whisky / moromizato / Moromizato / トロピカルバー / パームス /

A mysterious bar where you can hear the sound of waves in Koza.

"Palms" is located diagonally opposite of FamilyMart on Ground Street (parallel Koza Sports Park). It's the only place in Moromizato where you can hear the sound of the ocean waves in a stylish atmosphere of a bar.
Nakazato, the owner of Palms, is a skilled bartender who has won many awards in bar contests.
The interior is perfect for tropical Okinawa, decorated with items such as aloha shirts, surfboards, and even a beach cruiser.
"Peace" (a wine-based cocktail) and "Hibiscus" (a non-alcoholic cocktail) are both highly recommended. "Purple Haze" is a gin-based drink that is a must-try for those who love Koza.
Why for those who love koza? Well, they should know that during the Vietnam War, "Purple Haze" was the cocktail of choice among American soliders. So, come out and enjoy a cocktail that has supported the amazing history of Koza!

Shop information

Location 1-4-17 Moromizato, Okinawa-shi
TEL 933-5540
OPEN 21:00-5:00
Reference price 【Cocktails】 Peace (Wine-based) ¥800 Hibiscus (Non-alcoholic) ¥600 Purple Haze (Gin-based) ¥700 "San-ten-mori" Beer (Cassis, beer, and campari cocktail) ¥900


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Distance from this facility:about683 m
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