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Take it easy in the tropical atmosphere of Isla with a refreshing drink in hand!

The owner, Ms. Tobaru, originally ran the bar “Tinkha” in Chatan, but decided she wanted to open one closer to home and eventually opened Bar Isla near Uruma City.
Just as the name implies, the interior of ISLA (the word for “island” in Spanish) is reminiscent of a Spanish bar, and it's likely you’ll feel the warmth of the tropical island atmosphere while sipping on your luscious drink. Ms. Tobaru has put her heart and soul into making ISLA a place in this hectic world where customers can sit back and relax.
Many female customers seem to set foot into ISLA, and because of this you’ll see that the menu has an abundant selection of cocktails using seasonal fruits. The Muscat Frozen Cocktail is highly recommended! The frozen cocktail using muscat liqueur and the juicy fruit is a refreshing and perfect choice during the hot summer. In addition, you can have it made with strawberry or other seasonal fruit.
They’re open late so don’t hesitate to walk into Bar ISLA even if it’s after you’ve been drinking somewhere else or you just feel like getting away from your usual busy routine. The calm atmosphere and Ms. Tobaru’s character guarantees that you’ll spend an extraordinarily relaxing time here.

Shop information

Postal code 904-2151
Location 855 Matsumoto, Okinawa City
TEL 090-5742-4818
OPEN MON~THR 21:00~3:00 (L.O. 2:30)
FRI & SAT 20:00~5:00 (L.O. 4:00)
Reference price Muscat Frozen Cocktail ¥800; Seasonal Fruit Cocktail ¥700~


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