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Experience the joy of finding unexpected treasures at Fukuhara!

Fukuhara is a china shop famous for its collection of unbreakable glassware. Due to their safety and durability, these unbreakable glasses were commonly used at bars and nightclubs in Okinawa during the U.S. administration. Today, an unbreakable glass sells for ¥280 at Fukuhara.
Also displayed in the spacious shop are glass dinner sets from the 80's, brand-name pottery and porcelain items, Japanese tableware and much more. Offering a large variety of antique items, Fukuhara has a number of visitors looking for unique finds from as far away as Naha.
If you are in the market for anything in particular, be sure to seek the advice of the shop staff, who will explain about the items and differences in price and quality. Fukuhara accepts payment in U.S. dollars, making the shop even more popular with foreign residents on the island in addition to tourists.

Shop information

Postal code 904-0004
Location 1-4-3 Chuo, Okinawa City
TEL 098-937-4625
OPEN 10:00-19:30
Closed: Okinawa Obon holidays, New Year's Day


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