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A long-standing factory producing Okinawan candy for over 80 years!

Takeseika is a long-standing candy manufacturing factory that stands quietly in the Miyazato residential district of Okinawa City.
Takeseika--founded in 1929--is currently represented by its 3rd generation, Genshiro Take.
The origin of Takeseika can be traced back to Naha, where the first generation opened a steamed-buns shop after being trained at a confectionery school in Tokyo.
First transferring to Futenma in Ginowan City, Takeseika moved to Miyazato in in 1970 and became integrated into the candy manufacturing company as we know it today.
Takeseika primarily manufactures and distributes their products after receiving orders from companies and gift shops within Okinawa Prefecture.
Beginning with cough drops and candies based on tropical fruit flavors, many other candies found in stores across the prefecture are produced by Takeseika.
Many orders are also made from outside the prefecture.
Takeseika is very particular about using natural ingredients in their products. For example, they always use fresh-squeezed shiikwaasaa and tankan juice.
Yonaguni’s “Chomeigusa” and the propolis candy seem to be the popular choice these days.
When you purchase candy in Okinawa, please take some time to stop by Takeseika. Your chances of finding the Takeseika sign is very high!

Shop information

Postal code 904-2165
Location 3-21-35 Miyazato, Okinawa City
TEL 098-938-3455
OPEN 8:30~17:30


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