Yugafudo |Area: Sonda/Sonoda Izakaya eat / drink / izakaya / okinawa / sonda / sonoda / kushiage / fried / food / sake / yugafudo / 串揚げ酒場 / ゆがふ堂 /

Enjoy Japanese style skewered dishes to your heart's content!

Yugafudo is an izakaya that specializes in Japanese style skewered dishes, and is located across the Koza Shinkin Bank head office on route 330.
A large picture of skewered food is gently lit by lanters hanging outside, so you will have no problem finding the spot.

Their "all-you-can-eat" plan is the most popular among customers, and with separate flat rates for men and women, you can fully enjoy the 30 to 40 different skewered dishes that you want to your heart's content.
Yugafudo has the standard Japanese style Worcestershire sauce condiment, as well as their very own savory curry sauce that will keep your palate happy. Some customers can easily eat up to 100 skewered items!

There are plenty of drinks to choose from their drink menu as well. Yugafudo is a great choice for a lively night out with friends.

(November 2018)

Shop information

Postal code 904-0002
Location 1-2-21 Sonda, Okinawa-shi
TEL 098-933-3212
OPEN 17:00-24:00
Closed: TUE
Capacity 30 seats


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Distance from this facility:about454 m
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