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An izakaya that will fill you with nostalgia of Okinawa's good old days.

"Okisuta" is a "house izakaya" in Okinawa City's Misato area. Its appearance from outside makes you wonder if it is an old traditional Okinawan house, complete with a tiled roof. There is also a garden, and when you open the door, you can see the large sliding doors where tatami mats spread out throughout the floor. The atmosphere fills one with a sense of nostalgia of Okinawa's good old days. There is even a household alter, and no doubt there are some that feel the urge to call out "I'm home" when entering.
One of the recommended items on the menu is their "Nankotsu-soki Fuuchibaa Yakisoba", an appetizing stir-fry noodle dish with boneless pork ribs (with cartilage) and mugwort. You'll find the texture of the chewy noodles irresistible. You can also enjoy a variety of other dishes, like their savory "Italian Chicken".
The prices are easy on the wallet, and they have a large selection of alcoholic drinks to choose from.
It is the perfect place to relax and with a delicious meal and some drinks.

"Nankotsu-soki Fuuchibaa Yakisoba" ¥680
Italian Chicken ¥680

Shop information

Location 4-9-18 Misato, Okinawa-shi
TEL 098-979-7539
OPEN (Lunch) 11:30-14:00/ (Dinner) 18:00-24:00
Closed: MON
Capacity 80
Reference price Nankotsu-soki Fuuchibaa Yakisoba ¥680/ Italian Chicken ¥680


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