Hikari Shokudo & Izakaya Julia |Area: Akemichi Restaurant & Izakaya aguu / pig / okinawa / hikari / julia / soba / akemichi / Akemichi / ひかり食堂&居酒屋じゅりあ /

Enjoy menu items that change by day and night, at affordable prices.

"Hikari Shokudo" is located in Okinawa City's Akemichi area. During the day, you can enjoy dishes such as "Aguu Soba". When the day turns to night, the shop turns into "Izakaya Julia" where you can enjoy a whole different menu. The atmosphere is unique, and you can enjoy dishes at affordable prices.
The shop is unified with black and white colors, and besides the counter seating, all other seats are in private rooms, making it easy to enjoy meals and drinks without feeling so conscious of others around you.
The recommended dish of Hikari Shokudo is their "Hikari Soba", topped with Okinawan Aguu pork. You can choose between thick or light soup. The thick soup is made with pork-bone broth, which is rare for Okinawa soba. The soup is very savory, making it a supreme dish and no doubt number one in all of Okinawa when it comes to "thick Okinawa soba soup". And speaking of savory, a glass of cold beer goes perfectly with the dish!

【Recommended Item】
Hikari Soba ¥850

Shop information

Location 1-3-1 Akemichi, Okinawa-shi
TEL 098-989-8233
OPEN Restaurant 11:00-14:00
Izakaya 17:00-1:00
Official Web Site http://juria131.ti-da.net/c371603.html


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