Hirakawa Cakes and Dessert ヒラカワ洋菓子店 /

There’s something for the whole family!

Hirakawa is a long-standing confectionery shop that is loved by people of all ages. There’s something for the kids, parents, and grandparents! The owner puts their ideas into action, and it’s this challenge-loving spirit that customers have supported throughout the years.
Hirakawa recommends that you try their “70%.” What’s 70% you ask? It’s their exquisite confectionery made out of 70% cacao, and not a single ounce of flour. They would also like you to try their salted caramel baumkuchen called “Almond Poodle,” made with almonds and a treat to the eyes and palate!
The interior is made with a feminine touch, and the sweet smell that fills the shop will leave you in bliss.
Come treat yourself to Hirakawa’s delicious desserts! Feel free to drop in and say hello♪

【Popular Desserts】
70%: 380 yen
Salted Caramel Baumkuchen: 600 yen
Baked Cheese: 240 yen
Bacchus: 450 yen

Shop information

Location 5-2-18 Takahara, Okinawa City
TEL 098-938-0545
OPEN 9:00〜20:30
Closed: N/A


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