Rihakutei Chinese Cuisine Rihakutei / Koza / Naka-no-machi / shokudo / Chinese / 李白亭 /

A long-standing Chinese restaurant loved by the locals for 40 years!

Located in Okinawa City’s bar district, Naka-no-machi, Rihakutei is a long-standing Chinese restaurant that has been loved by the locals for nearly 40 years. Mizuki Toma is currently the second generation owner.
Rihakutei has counter seats, table seats, tatami seats, and seating in the far back of the restaurant as well.
The most recommended item on the menu is their “gomoku ramen” (starchy sauce ramen). The thin noodles boiled to a soft, chewy texture, and its large portion will leave you feeling full and satisfied. Other popular dishes include their colorful “chashu-men” (braised pork ramen), which comes with thick slickes of pink pork, golden noodles, and crisp green vegetables. Just looking at it will stimulate your appetite! It’s no surpise there are some customers that eat here at least three times a week!
Rihakutei is usually bustling until closing time during the weekend. If you are looking for a place to eat during a late night drinking out in town, feel free to stop by Rihakutei!

Shop information

Location 1-18-15 Uechi, Okinawa City
TEL 098-932-0785
OPEN 19:00-3:00
Closed: SUN


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