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Serving Tebichi soba since 1975!

Takami Shokudo is located in Ozato, Okinawa City, near Koza High School (next to the Suzuki car dealership). Established in 1975, this long-standing soba shop is famous for their tebichi (pig feet) dishes.
Inside the restaurant awaits the comfort of a good ol’ Okinawan restaurant. The menu includes Okinawa soba (of course!), boiled tebichi, soup, Japanese curry, fried rice, and more. You’ll find prices are more than reasonable here at Takami Shokudo.
It goes without saying, their most popular item on the menu is Tebichi Soba. The carefully prepared soup made with bonito stock has a hint of distinct sweetness. The white, straight soba noodles are made locally, and the chewy texture is an exact match with the light soup. Packed with collagen, tebichi dishes are a popular choice among customers of all ages, and is Takami Shokudo’s pride!

Boiled Tebichi: ¥650
Tebichi Soup: ¥600
Stir-fried Vegetables: ¥500
Miso Soup: ¥500
Stir-fried Vegetables with Tofu: ¥500
Yakisoba: ¥500
Soki (pork rib) Okinawa Soba: ¥500

Shop information

Location 1-19-34 Ozato, Okinawa City
OPEN Lunch- 11:00 - 15:00
Dinner- 17:00 - 21:00
Closed: SUN


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