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A perfect izakaya for wine and meat lovers!

Kitchen & Bar is located in Goya, Okinawa City, not far from the Music Town intersection on route 330. Here you can fully enjoy the flavor of different meats with a glass of wine. With private rooms available, you can come with family, or enjoy an evening with your group of friends!
Consider spending a wonderful night out at Kitchen & Bar.

Meat Platter (includes 3 types of meat): 1,280 yen
Prosciutto & Cream Cheese Italian Salad: 680 yen

Shop information

Location 2-13-2 Goya, Okinawa
TEL 098-927-4840
OPEN 19:00- 02:00
Closed: SUN


Not available :

Nearby parking areas

Goya Pay Parking
Distance from this facility:about168 m
Koza Coin Parking
Distance from this facility:about323 m
Technical Park Nakanomachi #4
Distance from this facility:about323 m

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