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A hole-in-the-wall soba shop loved by the locals.

Wakigawa-ya is located in Okinawa City’s Chibana area. Opening the soba shop was a self-gratifying move by the owner, an ex-chef, who simply wanted to make soba that he wanted to eat.
The exceptional flavor of the bonito soup is simply delicious and a perfect balance with the pork topping, making Wakigawa-ya’s Okinawa soba a popular menu item among local customers.

Shop information

Location 4-15-36 Chibana, Okinawa City
TEL 090-4518-4497
OPEN 11:00 -


Available :

Nearby parking areas

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Distance from this facility:about2.2 km
Chuo Park Avenu (#1)
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Distance from this facility:about2.5 km

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