Sensei Izakaya Sensei / izakaya / Okinawa / City / Yamazato / 居酒屋 / 先生ッ /

Passion and charm is the secret to their success.

Located in Okinawa City’s Yamazato area, Sensei is a popular izakaya usually filled with local customers.
With a focus centered mainly on seafood cuisine, you can be sure that ingredients used here are fresh! They will even take special requests from customers and acquire rare fish.
In addition, the quality of fried foods at Sensei is top-notch. At times, seats fill up as soon as doors open.
Regarding the name of the store, the owner says it’s kind of his nickname. Long ago, he saved a person drowning in the river, and the first thing the person said to him was “Sensei,” and the name has stuck ever since.

Shop information

Location 2-11-23 Yamazato, Okinawa City
TEL 098-932-5956
OPEN 17:00~1:00
Closed: THR


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Distance from this facility:about1.6 km
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