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Enjoy Okinawan food and 150 different awamori to choose from

Izakaya Tengu is located in Okinawa City’s Moromizato, along National Route 330. This izakaya offers Okinawan dishes, seafood, and their specialty--skewered items cooked using binchotan (traditional Japanese charcoal).
You can enjoy a wide variety of items at Tengu, including a sushi and tempura platter, skewer platter, and standard Okinawan dishes like goya champuru and ii-irichii. In addition, Tengu has over 500 bottles of 150 different awamori that can be enjoyed. You’re sure to discover a rare awamori here at Tengu.
You can even hold parties with over 60 people in the relaxed space provided at Tengu, and karaoke can be enjoyed in private rooms on the second floor, making it the ideal place to go for large and small crowds alike.

Shop information

Postal code 904-0032
Location 1-1-5 Moromizato, Okinawa City
TEL 050-5257-2133
OPEN [Weekdays] 17:00~2:00
[FRI, SAT, public holidays, day before public holidays] 17:00~3:00
Capacity 130


Available : Few spaces available

Nearby parking areas

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Distance from this facility:about710 m
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Technical Park Nakanomachi #4
Distance from this facility:about765 m

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