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Pigs feet is the pride and joy of this long-standing yakitori shop!

Yakitori Kana is a long-standing izakaya that opened in 1979, located on the right hand side about 100 meters from Koza intersection going towards Koza High School. Yakitori Kana is the place to go get your fill of Okinawan home cooking and charcoal grilled chicken. The place is usually filled with local customers, mostly salarymen on their way home from work, but thanks to word of mouth patrons from outside the prefecture also come to seek out Yakitori Kana.
Yakitori Kana recommends their chimagu (pigs feet), which is large in portion but reasonably priced. The juicy texture is sensational, and the store’s regular customers always order the chimagu. Aside from the mouthwatering charcoal grilled chicken, you can get a taste of delicious Okinawan dishes cooked by the lady of the house.

Chimagu (Pigs feet) 300 yen
Stir fried mustard greens 500 yen

Shop information

Postal code 904-0000
Location 1-29-24 Teruya, Okinawa City
TEL 098-938-9995
OPEN 18:00~2:00
Closed on WED
Reference price Chimagu (Pigs feet) 300 yen; Stir fried mustard greens 500 yen


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