Panama Genjin Okinawan BBQ Okinawan / BBQ / Panama / Genjin / Koza / A-Lunch / Championship / オキナワンBBQ / パナマ原人 /

The 4th Koza A-Lunch Championship Winner

Okinawan BBQ Panama Genjin was previously located in Awase’s Manga Soko, but re-opened on Okinawa City’s Palmyra Street in April 2015.
Panama Genjin was the winner of the 4th A-Lunch Championship held in February 2015, and it’s here where you can get a taste of the A-Lunch that stole the hearts of voters and took home the grand prize. Beef, Pork and Chicken! A voluminous and extravagant A-Lunch awaits you.
Prefer not to eat such a big meal? No problem. Smaller sized meals for women are also available (limited to 20 meals per day) as well as pickled and smoked foods. All of Panama Genjin’s meats, such as their original bacon and jerk chicken marinated overnight in several spices and grilled over charcoal, are excellent choices!
They’re also open for lunch, allowing those with an afternoon appetite to get a taste of Panama Genjin’s obsession with their meats. You can still enjoy a good ol’ Okinawan BBQ without the beach here at Panama Genjin.

BBQ A-Lunch Set 900 yen
Ladies Lunch (limited to 20 per day) 600 yen

Shop information

Postal code 904-0004
Location 1-6-2 Chuo, Okinawa-shi
TEL 070-5278-2968
OPEN Lunchtime 11:00-15:00
Evening 17:00-24:00
Closed: Irregular
Reference price BBQ A-Lunch Set 900 yen Ladies Lunch (limited to 20 per day) 600 yen


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