Mukaiya Okinawa Soba & Gyoza eat / Okinawa / soba / gyoza / mukaiya / noodles / koja / むかいや /

Delicious Okinawa soba and handmade aguu pork gyoza!

Mukaiya, located in Okinawa City’s Koja area, is a soba and gyoza restaurant devoted to using fresh ingredients and serving handmade food.
As for the soba, you have a choice between salt, bonito, or rich-mild soup bases all made carefully out of simmered Okinawan black aguu pork and fresh vegetables. The noodles are made with a great deal of time and care using flour that has been carefully selected by noodle craftsmen. The chewy textured noodles go down smoothly, and in Okinawa City it can only be eaten here.
Mukaiya’s handmade aguu gyoza is a specialty packed with flavor and heavenly juiciness that bursts into your mouth with every bite. You won’t be able to get enough of the chewy handmade gyoza wrappers--the secret to their popularity.
Don’t hesitate to come alone--they have counter seats available so you can focus on enjoying your meal. With floor seating where you can relax and stretch your legs as well as outside seating, Mukaiya can accommodate any occasion.

Shop information

Location 96 Koja, Okinawa-shi
TEL 098-929-4163
OPEN 11:30-21:00 MON-SAT
11:30-20:00 SUN
Closed: WED
Capacity 35


Not available : 20 spaces

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