Events of Koza

August-Okinawa Zento Eisa festival

This festival is a signature summer event that takes place every year on the first weekend after Obon according to the lunar calender, attracting more than 300,000 spectators. Selected eisa teams from all over the island present powerful performances including kids' eisa and creative eisa, filling the venue with excitement.

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July-Peaceful Love Rock Festival

The festival initially started in 1983 as a reunion concent for Murasaki, a popular rock band from the '60s.This has become one of the most prominent music events in the nation and is the largest rock event on island, featuring rock bands that include both new and professional groups.

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November-Okinawa International Carnival

The carnival offers an international ambience befitting a city that hosts people from approximately 40 countries. The Okinawa Samba Carnival and the International Giant Tug-of-War are held simultaneously, and since 2008 the Gate 2 Festival with a parade of more than 300 motorcycles including Harley-Davidsons has also been taking place at the same time.


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