Cabaret Koza 2020

Venue Otoichiba (Koza Music Town 3F)
Date 2020.10.31(Sat.)
Start 19:00
End 23:00
price 【Advance】¥3,000
※Comes with one drink.
※Minors (under age 20) prohibited.
The June 27, 2020 (SAT) Cabaret Koza event has been postponed to October 31, 2020 (SAT) due to the effects of COVID-19.

■Date & Time: October 31, 2020 (Saturday)
■Place: Otoichiba (Koza Music Town 3F)

This year, Koza’s rock ‘n’ rollers Ray and Leon of 7th Heaven will be kicking it up a notch.
And after witnessing the birth of the new “Mr. Koza,” let our eyes and souls be nourished by gogo boys and girls and Drag Queen divas!

This year's special guest "PIÑA NIÑA" is the latest wave of the Vogue Girl scene.
The dress code for this event is 1920s-2020s!
Let’s all dress up and get the "Best Dressed" award!
Come on, young and old, men and women, the old man and the old lady next door, come by and see what's going on in the netherworld!

19:00 Doors Open
19:20 Opening Act
    PAVLOV’S DOGS feat. Ray&LEON
20:00 Mister Koza, The Final
21:00 Drag Quee, Gogo Boy & Girl Show

【Otoichiba Information】

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Music Town Otoichiba
TEL : 098-932-1949
FAX : 098-931-9077

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