Taiwan Matchmaking God Yue Lao in Okinawa City

Venue Inside Okinawa City Ichibangai Shopping Arcade
Date 2019.10.18(Fri.) ~ 2019.12.29(Sun.)
Start 13:00
End 21:00
price Free
Asia's most famous matchmaking god―Yue Lao (aka the "Old Man Under the Moon")―has come to Okinawa City from Taiwan!
If you have ever heard of the "red thread of fate" (a popular myth in many Asian cultures), the story of this immortal being is its origin!
A temporary temple has been established inside the Ichibangai shopping arcade where you can visit and ask the god of love and marriage to connect you with your destined match!
Whether you're a believer or not, this is a fun, interesting, and very rare opportunity to experience a unique part of Taiwanese culture, right here in Okinawa City!

■Dates: October 18,2019 (FRI)-December 29, 2019 (SUN)
■Place: Ichibangai shopping arcade (across from Start Up Café Lagoon)
■Admission: Free

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Koza Machi Shachu
TEL : 098-989-0905
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