Come Eat FREE Goya on Goya Day in Goya, Okinawa City!

Venue Koza Music Town (1F)
Date 2019.05.08(Wed.)
Start 17:00
End 19:00
price Free
This is where it all began! Goya's Goya Festival!

In Japanese, the numbers five and eight can be pronounced "go" and "ya" respectively, and if you put them together it spells "goya"―the bitter gourd that is one of Okinawa's staple foods.
The "Goya Festival" first started as a light-hearted event in Okinawa City's Goya area based on the wordplay of the date and district name, but has grown to become a special tradition for the locals.
Every year, delicious stir-fried goya is cooked and distributed for free!
Only 300 servings will be prepared, so make sure you come before it's too late!
This year's Goya Festival will be held on the first floor of Koza Music Town.

【Date & Time】5/8 (WED) around 5:08 PM
【Place】Koza Music Town (1F)

◎Live Music
◎Eisa Museum free VR experience (visit the museum and get an original sticker for free)
◎Food booths and bouncies!

Koza Music Town
Koza Shopping District Union
Koza Rotary Club

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