Okinawa Zoo Festival 2019

Venue Okinawa Zoo & Museum
Date 2019.04.27(Sat.) ~ 2019.05.06(Mon.)
Start 09:00
End 18:00
price Adult: ¥500
Age 13-18: ¥200
Age 12 and under: Free
Spend Japanese "Golden Week" at the zoo!
The zoo will open at 9:00 during the Okinawa Zoo Festival―30 mintues faster than usual hours!
Children age 12 and under can enter free of charge! Come out and have some fun with the whole family.

【Date & Time】April 27 (SAT) - May 6 (MON)  9:00-18:00 ※Final entry is 17:00

【Place】Okinawa Zoo


◎Free shuttle bus service! Okinawa City Hall ⇔ Okinawa Zoo

Water & Green Square Program
▼4/27 (SAT) First Day of the Event!
MC: Karin Yabiku
【11:00〜】Opening ceremony & animal parade
【12:10〜】Nishihara High School marching band
【13:00〜】Become a YouTuber! (recruitment, information session, animal study session)
【13:30〜】Okinawa Zoo photo contest
【15:00〜】Animal quiz
【16:00〜】Become a YouTuber! (film screening)
〇Photo contest
Follow the zoo's official Instagram account and post a picture!
1st Prize:¥3,000 iTunes Card + Annual Pass
2nd Prize: Annual Pass
〇Become a Youtuber at Okinawa Zoo!
Film a video with the lions, elephants and hippos!
※Sign-ups will be held on the day of the event.
※The participating animals may change depending on their condition.

▼4/28 (SUN) K-POP Day
【11:30〜】Kids dance experience
【12:00〜】Animal quiz
【15:00〜】Kids dance experience

▼4/29 (MON) Performance Day
【11:00〜】Animal quiz
【13:00〜】Hane Hitsuji
【14:00〜】Street workout Okinawa
【16:00〜】Ryukyu street performance crew WHO'S NEXT

▼4/30 (TUE) Street Performance Day
MC: Kenji
Performers: KENJI / CHARLIE / Magician SHOTO / MASA / Balloon Performer AMEKU / Clowns AIRO & HIRARA / Studio Juggle
【11:00〜】Balloon class
【13:00〜】Street performance
【14:00〜】Juggling experience
【15:00〜】Magic experience
【16:00〜】Street performance with everybody!
【13:00〜16:00】Body art

▼5/2 (THR) Kiiyama Shoten Live Performance & Television Filming Day
MC: TAKA & Number 1 Girls
【11:00〜14:00】Local TV "Uchinaa Number 1" filming
【15:30〜16:20】Kiiyama Shoten live performance

▼5/3 (FRI) Anime Day
MC: Karin Yabiku
【11:00〜】Virtual Youtuber Ui Nema meet-and-greet
【14:00〜】Chura Puri
【15:00〜】Bingo tournament with Ui Nema

▼5/4 (SAT) Dance Day
MC: Kaori
【10:00〜】Entry registration
【12:00〜】Dance contest
【14:30〜】Dance career talk & dance class
【16:30〜】Contest winners announced

▼5/5 (SUN) "Nodojiman Taikai" (karaoke contest)
MC: Zenko Iramina
【11:00〜13:00】Children's song karaoke contest
【14:00〜】Zenko Iramina's children's song group "Nanoha"
【15:00〜】Animal quiz
【16:00〜】Become a YouTuber!
【13:00〜16:00】FM Koza radio live broadcasting

▼5/6 (MON) Radio Day
【11:00〜】Part 1 Okiradi public bradcasting "Become a Youtuber Film Screening"
【14:00〜】Part 1 Performance events
【15:30〜】Part 3 Okiradi public broadcasting
*15:30〜 Children's story book reading
*16:00〜 Photo contest winner announced
*Singer BANJO AI will also perform!

※The program is subject to change without prior notice. Thank you in advance for your understanding.
※Parking is very limited. Please use public transportation or carpool to the zoo, if at all possible.

For inquiries

Okinawa Zoo & Museum
TEL : 098-933-4190

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