25th Okinawa City Lifelong Learning Festival 2018

Venue Koza Sports Park (2-1-1 Moromizato, Okinawa-shi)
Date 2018.12.02(Sun.)
Start 09:30
End 16:00
price Free
The annual Shogai Gakushu Festival (“Lifelong Learning Festival”) presents
live performances, craft making, delicious food, a bazaar, exhibits, and
lots more fun for the whole family! Take advantage of this opportunity to
discover what your community has to offer in lifelong learning.

■Date December 2, 2018 (SUN)
■Time 9:30-16:00
■Place Koza Sports Park Okinawa City Gymnasium, Multi-purpose Grounds,
Budokan (2-1-1 Moromizato, Okinawa-shi)
■Fee  Free

【Gymnasium Program】
9:30  Brass Band
9:45  Opening Ceremony
10:00 Traditional Okinawa Sanshin
10:10 Dance
10:20 Taishogoto (Nagoya Harp)
10:30 Senior Club Dance
10:40 Ballroom Dance
10:50 Japanese Poetry
11:00 Folk Dance
11:10 Exercise Club
11:20 Ballroom Dance
11:30 Traditional Japanese Dance
11:40 Traditional Okinawa Sanshin
11:50 Jazz Band
13:00 Brass Band
13:10 Chinese Erhu
13:20 Dance
13:30 Traditional Okinawan Dance
13:40 Traditional Okinawan Dance
13:50 Guitar Ensemble
14:00 Zumba
14:10 Harmonica Performance
14:20 Tai Chi
14:30 Traditional Japanese Dance
14:40 Cheerleading Dance
14:50 Traditional Japanese Dance
15:00 Choir Performance
15:10 Traditional Okinawan Dance

【Outdoor Program】
10:00 Taiko Performance
10:15 Eisa
10:30 Eisa
10:45 Shishimai Performance
11:00 Japanese Poetry
11:15 Street Workout
11:30 Kids Sanshin
13:00 Traditional Okinawan Dance
13:15 Modern Okinawan Dance
13:30 Eisa
13:45 Kids Dance
14:00 Choir Performance
14:15 Ukulele
14:30 Hula Dance
14:45 Tai Chi
15:00 Kids Eisa
15:15 Eisa

※The program may change without prior notice. Thank you for your understanding.

◎Parking inside the park is limited. Please use the parking lot (old soccer field) accross the sports park entrance, and use public trasportation if possible. Please drive with caution at all times. Please do not park in the surrounding residential areas.

For inquiries

Shogai Gakushu Ka (Lifelong Learning Division)
TEL : 098-939-1212

Official Web Site

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