5th Chubu Kwacchii Fest 2018 (Food Event)

開催場所 Okinawa Comprehensive Park (outside the Athletics Stadium)
開催日 2018.02.17(土) ~ 2018.02.18(日)
料金 Free Admission

5th Chubu Kwacchii Fest 2018 (Food Event)

5th Chubu Kwacchii Fest 2018 (Food Event)

“Kwacchii” in the Okinawan language means “feast” and a feast you will get at the Chubu Kwacchii Fest! Popular restaurants and shops representing central Okinawa will put their best meal forward at the event, which will be held simultaneously with the Okinawa Marathon. Whether you’re a runner, supporter, or just looking for something delicious to eat, please feel free to pass through! All meals are “one coin” deals, which means you can purchase your food with just ¥500!


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