26th Okinawa Marathon 2018

Venue Okinawa Comprehensive Athletic Park (Awase)
Date 2018.02.18(Sun.)
Start 09:00
End 15:15
price ■Full Marathon
Adult: ¥6,000
High school student, age 16 to 18: ¥5,000
Age 65 or older: ¥5,000

■10km Road race
Adult: ¥3,700
High school student, age 16 to 18: ¥2,200

■Relay Marathon
Age 16 and older/Man and Woman pair or Women's Pair: One Pair
(The following information is taken from the Okinawa Marathon official website. Click for more details in English: http://www.okinawa-marathon.com/eng/index.html)

The Okinawa Marathon runs through different cities, towns, and villages in central Okinawa. The marathon aims to encourage people to enjoy running and increase their fitness level throughout Okinawa. The Marathon Race Committee hopes that the marathon will help the international and inter-cultural exchanges and it will add to your memorable experiences while you’re in Okinawa.

【Date & Time】
■SATURDAY Feb.17th 2018 @ 10:00-20:00
Number Tag are given to runners at the gym at Okinawa Pref. Comprehensive Athletic Park in Awase.

■SUNDAY Feb.18th 2018 @ 09:00
The Full Marathon Starts
15:15 The Full Marathon Ends
09:40 10km Road Race Starts
11:00 10km Road Race Ends
10:00 Relay Marathon Starts*
15:15 Relay Marathon Ends

Okinawa Comprehensive Athletic Park is located in Awase, Okinawa city. Please be familiar with the area of the Park in Awase.
【Registration Fee】
■Full Marathon
Adult ¥6,000
High school student, age 16 to 18: ¥5,000
Age 65 or older: ¥5,000

■10km Road race
Adult: ¥3,700
High school student, age 16 to 18: ¥2,200

■Relay Marathon
Age 16 and older/Man and Woman pair or Women's Pair: One Pair ¥10,000
【Marathon Distance Options】
42.195 km (approx. 26.2 miles): Full marathon
10 km (approx. 6.2 miles): Quarter marathon
Any healthy man and woman of any nationality,16 years and older as of February 18th,2018.
*Application form is accepted between September 1st, 2017 Friday and December 8th, 2017 Friday.
*Applications will close when the prescribed number of applicants is reached.
Pick up and submit application form at any following locations. (Yen only):
•Okinawa Marathon Executive Office
•Risner Fitness Center on Kadena Air Force Base

Fill out the application form and turn it in with the entry fee (YEN only) to any location listed above. Our office is located on the Grand Street near Okinawa City (Moromizato) Athletic Park. (call us at 933-0088 to get the direction)
Please keep the receipt for reference.
【Internet Entry】
You can also register via Internet if you prefer.
*NOTE: Transferring charge will be automatically added to the entry fee.[Transaction fee]
Up to ¥4000: ¥308
¥5000: ¥358
You must fill out your Card data (Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Diners Only) correctly. Please click the link below to register online.
You will receive a confirmation E-mail when your registration procedure is completed. Please print it out as a receipt and keep it for reference.

*Registration begins on September 1st, 2017
link to Sports Entry site

Internet Registration is accepted between September 1st, 2017 and December 8th, 2017.
10km Road race
Top 6 finishers of males and females

Full Marathon
Top 6 finishers of males and females

Full Marathon
Top 3 finishers of males and females in each age categories.
1. Over 40 - under 50
2. Over 50 - under 60
3. Over 60 - under 70
4. Over 70 - under 80

An Eldest finisher of male and female.

Okinawa comprehensive Athletic Park (Awase), where the Okinawa Marathon starts, is not the Stadium where The Okinawa Marathon Executive Office is located (Koza). Please be familiar with the area of the Athletic Park in Awase. For the traffic regulations and parking information, please refer to the attachments.
•Local Government Association of Central Okinawa
•Field Athletic Society
•Okinawa Parks and Sports Development Society
•The Ryukyu Shimpo Press
•Okinawa Television Broad-Casting co.(OTV)

•Kadena Air Base (KAB)
•Marine Corps Community Services (MCCS)
•Other 60 Organizations

【The Okinawa Marathon Executive Office 】
•Address: 25-6 Nakasone-cho, Okinawa city,Okinawa 904-0014, Japan
•Phone: (098)938-0088
•Office Hours: Monday through Friday 10:00 - 17:00
【Terms and Conditions】
(Before filling the application form out, be sure to read and understand the list of agreements below.)
1. Applicants can't blame the organizer for loss of personal property and theft during the event.
2. In case of accidents and illness, liability of the organizer is limited to emergency treatment. The organizer will deal with illness, the other accidents during the event within the terms of the insurance which organizer will take out.
3. Once your application form is submitted, alternation to your registration detail, commemoration item and cancellation of the race is not permitted under any circumstances. If the commemoration item is not selected, you will receive a Large size T-shirt.
4. The organizer does not permit illegal participation (participation other than the registered runner and proxy runner) as well as falsifying age or gender. It will result on disqualification and he/she will not be eligible for any of the commendations. The organizer will not be responsible for any accidents and injuries during the event.
5. Entry fee will not be refunded if the race is cancelled due to natural disasters such as earthquakes, storms, snow, or accidents/incidents beyond the race organizers' control.
6. In case of third and fourth terms mentioned above, the organizer will not refund any overpayment and/or double-payment either.
7. The copyright and the right of publicity of images, photographs, articles and records of participants appearing in various media covering the event, such as television, newspapers, magazines and the internet are reserved by the organizer.
Okinawa prefecture and foundations such as Okinawa Convention & Visitors Bureau are eligible to use images of the Okinawa Marathon in the newspaper, TV, magazines, web site, web advertisement and other media for public relations for Okinawa Marathon and the sports scene of Okinawa.
8. In addition to the aforementioned agreements, the event will adhere to all race regulations.
9. The organizer recognizes the individual’s right to privacy and will take all appropriate steps to keep individual’s information confidential. However, in order to provide better services to all applicants, the organizer will use the information to provide entry guidelines and uses the information on the official web site (name, sex, age, hometown, record), offer it to the publication related information recording medium (name, sex, age, hometown, record) and to offer next year’s race information and announcement of the records.
10. If a runner does not pass through the measurement mat installed at the starting point, every 5km mark and the half point mark he/she might be disqualified from the race.
11. The East Wharf designated car park is only available till 6 P.M.
Any remaining cars after the designated hours will be towed to another parking lot. The cost of towing and the parking lot will be charged to the owner of the car, so please makes sure to remove your car before the gate closes.

Click for application download and more details in English: http://www.okinawa-marathon.com/eng/index.html

For inquiries

Okinawa Marathon Executive Committee Office
TEL : 098-938-0088
FAX : 098-938-0111

Official Web Site

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