Okinawa Performing Arts Festival (2016)

開催場所 Okinawa Zoo & Museum
開催日 2016.11.03(木)
開始 13:00
終了 19:00
料金 Free (Free zoo admission! Gates open at 9:30)
Come enjoy Okinawa City’s unique traditional performing arts and other entertainment at the geino (performing arts) festival on November 3, 2016. The event will be led by Garage Sale, the popular Japanese comedian pair from Okinawa. In addition to traditional Okinawan dance, eisa, and karate, you can enjoy a variety of other dance and performances. Eisa and shishimai (lion dance) workshops will also be held, and guests from Iwate Prefecture will give a special performance as well.
There will be no charge to enter the zoo this day, so be sure to bring along the whole family! Gates will open at 9:30.
【Venue】Okinawa Zoo & Museum
【Date】2016.11.03 (THR)
(Free zoo admission! Gates open at 9:30)

【Main Stage Lineup】
Hiyagon Hanadaiko (Okinawa City)
Okinawa Performance Workshop Preview Act
Children’s Eisa Performance (Okinawa City)
Comedy act by Natsuki Kamado
Okinawa City Traditional Performing Arts (Okinawa City)
Miyahira Shishimai (Haebaru)
Awase Chondara (Okinawa City)
Zakimi Bojutsu (Yomitan)
Yaese Folk Performing Arts (Yaese)
Morioka Sansa Odori (Morioka, Iwate Prefecture)
Nakanomachi Youth Association Eisa Performance
Taiko performance by Ryutaro Kaneko and Shoryu Taiko

【Special Guest】
Eisho Higa of BEGIN

※Performers are subject to change.

【Event Host】
Garage Sale
【Assistant Host】
Ai Kawamitsu

【Hibiscus Hiroba】-FESTIVAL OF THE WORLD-
Dance Teams Wanted!
Street dance, hip-hop, hula, samba, etc.
Any dance genres are welcome!
Application deadline: October 7, 2016 (Friday)
Please apply through the festival website!

Picture Story Show by Sayadon
Magician Shoto
Street Performance by Kenji
Face and Belly Paint Artist Eli

【Food Booth Area】
Food and game booths.

And lots more fun!


Okinawa City Hall
TEL : 098-929-0261