3rd Chubu Kwacchii Festa (2016)

開催場所 Okinawa Comprehensive Athletic Park
開催日 2016.02.20(土) ~ 2016.02.21(日)
Don't miss this great gathering of popular restaurants from the central wide area!

Chubu Kwacchii Festa (the food festival that offers the best foods representing central Okinawa) will be held simultaneously with the Okinawa Marathon. This is where the marathon and foods representing central Okinawa meet!

Chubu Kwacchii Festa will be held on February 20 (SAT) and 21 (SUN) for a 2 day period at Okinawa Comprehensive Athletic Park. One restaurant representing each municipality from the central wide area of Okinawa Prefecture will put their best meal forward! Everyone (runners and supporters included!) is invited to enjoy delicious meals!