Promenade Concert at Koza Music Town Otoichiba 3F

Venue Koza Music Town Otoichiba 3F
Date 2016.02.06(Sat.)
price Free
Promenade Concert is an event where you can watch quality performances presented by Okinawa City elementary school, junior high school and high school brass bands, all for free.
Okinawa City is the mecca of brass bands, known to have their schools selected every year to represent the whole prefecture in annual competitions. A brass band festival is also held at the civic hall every June.
Take this opportunity to watch quality performances for free every other weekend at various locations within the city beginning November 7!

February 6 @ Music Town Otoichiba 3F
Performing Bands
Starts: 14:00~

Hiyagon Elementary School
Moromi Elementary School
Ageda Elementary School
Kadena Middle School
Kubasaki High School
III Marine Expeditionary Force Band

Performing bands and their order are subject to change. Thank you for your understanding.

Nearby Parking

Organizer: Okinawa Chamber of Commerce and Industry
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