Profile of Eisa Characters

We work daily doing our best to represent Okinawa City Eisa.
We ask for your support as we promote our City of Okinawa in the future.

Eibo is warm and friendly, and a leader type. As he gets excited about Eisa, you can hear him shout, "Yeah, sa, sa!" He was a former baseball player and is now a fan of the Hiroshima Carp.
Date of Birth : June 13
Blood Type : O
Favorite Food : Kyubon Curry
Little Sa
She likes to help others, but sometimes acts a little goofy.
The reason why you see Little Sa carrying band-aids is that Takun gets into a lot of fights.
Date of Birth : August 13
Blood Type : A
Favorite Food : Okinawa Noodles
He is a bit naughty and doesn't like to lose. He really believes that he is the best at dancing in Eisa.
He was a former soccer player and is a fan of FC Ryuku Soccer Club.
Date of Birth : December 20
Blood Type : B
Favorite Food : Tacos
When Eisa begins, he seems to come out of nowhere and is ready to party.
When he is given Shima, Okinawa traditional alcohol, he is in 7th heaven.
Date of Birth : December 20
Blood Type : B
Favorite Food : Octopus
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