62nd Island-Wide Eisa Festival (Eisa Parade) 2017

開催場所 Goya Intersection Area
開催日 2017.09.15(金)
開始 19:00
終了 21:00
料金 Free

62nd Island-Wide Eisa Festival (Eisa Parade) 2017

62nd Island-Wide Eisa Festival (Eisa Parade) 2017

The 62nd Island-Wide Eisa Festival is a three-day event that kicks off with an eisa parade on the first day, eisa performances by Okinawa City Youth Associations on the second day, and selected eisa groups from all over the island on the final third day. It has developed into the biggest eisa festival on island boasting 300,000 spectators over the three-day period. During the event's "kachaashii" dance finale, visitors and eisa groups become one in the spirit of eisa.

The festival started off in 1956 as an eisa competition to commemorate the birth of Koza City and is held every year on the first weekend after Obon in Okinawa. It has become a summer tradition and a festival representative of the many festivals held in Japan. The sounds of the sanshin, songs, and rhythm of the drums are sure to move you! The energetic movements of the drummers are sure to captivate you! Experience the thrill of the real thing at the home of eisa.

◆ EISA PARADE (Michijunee) 18:30~
01. Yamazato
02. Chibana
03. Goeku
04. Matsumoto
05. Eguchi (Chatan Town)
06. Teruya
07. Minamitobaru
08. Sonda
09. Nakanomachi
*Eisa dance groups are shown by district.

◆ PART 1 18:30~19:00
01. Kiraboshi Eisa Group
02. Okinawa City International Association

◆ PART 2 19:00~21:00
01. Ikehara
02. Higashi
03. Kamara
04. Moromizato
05. Chibana
*Eisa dance groups are shown by district.

=AREA B= (nearest to Gate 2)
◆ PART 1 18:30~19:00
01. Okinawa City Women's Association
02. Ryukyu Fusha (Okinawa International University)

◆ PART 2 19:00~21:00
01. Ageda
02. Kubota
03. Murokawa
04. Goya
05. Yamazato
*Eisa dance groups are shown by district.

※The program is subject to change due to unexpected circumstances.

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◎ Just a 2-minute drive from Okinawa-Minami expressway interchange.

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