9th Koza Terurin Festival (2017)

開催場所 Chuo Park Avenue
開催日 2017.04.16(日)
開始 12:00
料金 Free

9th Koza Terurin Festival (2017)

9th Koza Terurin Festival (2017)

Koza Terurin Festival is held annually to celebrate the achievements in Okinawan music, performing arts, and culture left by the late Rinsuke Teruya (a.k.a. Terurin) and other predecessors. Organized by Rinsuke Teruya’s second son, Rinjiro, the event carries on their achievements and revives the city with other great performing artists.
Famous performers and musicians in Okinawa who have been influenced or touched by the life of Terurin gather for the festival, making it an event that everyone can enjoy!

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Official HP (Japanese): http://terurinsai.com/

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