This is an ideal way to enjoy your stay in the city.
The Tourism Smart Application KOZA APPS links your device to what is happening in the city.

For Android Users

Andriod 4 or later is prefferable.

For IOS Users

iOS 5.0 or later is prefferable

About its Functions

An easy way to find parking space and information on shops.

While travelling around the city you will be able to see where the sites are with AR technology.
Using your GPS on your device you will be able to actually find them.
On your device, make sure that you ENABLE your SETTINGS.

Personalize your photos

With the KOZA APPS you will be able save the moment in your own personalized way. You will be able to enjoy in choosing, at any time, anywhere, from various settings - The Eisa Festival Dancing Youth Group, Okinawa Zoo and Museum, and various anime characters.Choose your settings by just touching and moving your finger left or right and enjoy!

It is a slide puzzle game of "Ei Bo" which is Eisa town Okinawa's PR character! There is a 3 × 3, 4 × 4, and 5 × 5 puzzle that children and adults can enjoy and choose the difficulty. Please enjoy with Eisa BGM.

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